Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty

VGN Funded Research

INBRE Student Summer Research Awardees from INBRE 2 (2006-07)

Mr. Nicholas Arger

Dr. Roger Sandwick

Keck School of Medicine

"An Investigation of Substate Channeling in the Purine Synthesis Pathway"

Mr. Brian Cook

Dr. Grace Spatafora

Research Assistant

Department of Biology

"Characterization of S. Mutans Virulence Genes by Microarray"

Ms. Suzanne Czerniak

Dr. Catherine Combelles

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

"The Effects of Caffeine on Pre-implantation Development"

Mr. Thaddeus Davenport

Dr. Margaret Daugherty

Research Assistant

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Investigation of Potential Protein-Protein Interactions in Atherosclerosis"

Mr. David Hughes

Dr Ari Kirshenbaum

Department of Psychology

"The Effect of Nicotine on an Operant Test of Impulsivity in Rats"

Mr. Ross Lieb-Lappen

Dr. Molly Costanza-Robinson

Undergraduate Researcher

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Air-water Interfacial Area Estimation Using Synchrotron Microtomography and Gas-p"

Mr. Andrew Reid

Dr Mark Lubkowitz


Department of Biology

"The Effects of Nitrogen and Volume Change in Asian Pitcher Plant Acidity"

Mr. Stephen Roy

Dr. Dain LaRoche

Department of Allied Health Sciences

"Comparing Elderly and Young Women\'s Response to Resistance Training"

Ms. Julia Schwartzman

Dr. Grace Spatafora

Department of Biology

"Characterization of S Mutans Mutants in a Flow Cell Model"

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