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VGN Funded Research

INBRE Faculty Pilot Project Award Awardees from INBRE 13 (2017-2018)

Dr Amanda Crocker

Assistant Professor


"Mapping the Neuronal Circuitry and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Nociception in D melangogaster"

Dr Michael Dash

Assistant Professor


"Metabolic Consequences of Synaptic Plasticity"

Dr Ruth Fabian-Fine

Assistant Professor

Biology and Neuroscience

"Co-transmission and Activity Induced Changes in Central and Peripheral Neurons"

Dr. Lesley-Ann Giddings

Assistant Professor


"Induction of Cryptic Genes in Rate Antartic Marinobacter for the Production of Novel Secondary Metabolites"

Dr Leslie Johnson

"The Causes and Consequences of Perceived Postpartum Weigh-bias"

Dr Joe Latulippe

Associate Professor


"A mathematical Model for Calcium Regulation in an Alzhiemer's Neuron"

Dr Allison Neal

"Vermont Trematodes: Diversity, Interactions and the risk of Cercarial Dermatitis"

Dr Christine Palmer

"Diet Specialization and Gut Microbiota in Neotropical Katydids"

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