Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty

VGN Funded Research

INBRE Faculty Pilot Project Award Awardees from INBRE 12 (2016-2017)

Dr. David Allen

"Elevational gradient in black-legged tick density and Borrelia-infection"

Dr Ian Balcom PhD

Dept of Natural Sciences

"Plant-promoted micropullutant removal in an ecological wastewater treatment plant"

Dr Brian Bradke PhD

Assistant Professor

David Crawford School of Engineering

"Clinical Computerized Tomography for Assessing Vertebral Fracture Risk"

Dr Amanda Crocker

Assistant Professor


"Molecular mechanisms underlying plasticity and diversity in neural circuits"

Dr Michael Dash

Assistant Professor


"Metabolic Consequences of Synaptic Plasticity"

Dr Megan Doczi

Biology And Physical Education

"Localization of Insulin-sensitive Kv1 Channels During Hypothalamic Development"

Dr Ruth Fabian-Fine

Assistant Professor

Biology and Neuroscience

"Effects of Overstimulation on Sensory Neurons and the CNS"

Dr Preston Garcia

"Model of dual regulation control of a modified catabolite repression system"

Dr Joe Latulippe

Associate Professor


"A mathematical model of synaptic plasticity in neurons"

Dr Christine Palmer

"Improving causal gene prediction from GWAS"

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