Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty

VGN Funded Research

INBRE Faculty Project Awards Awardees from INBRE 11 (2015-2016)

Dr Michael Durst PhD

Assistant Professor


"High-Speed 3D Multiphoton Fluorescence Imaging with Temporal Focusing Microscop"

Dr Glen Ernstrom

Department of Biology

"Genetic analysis of neurotransmitter release in C. elegans"

Dr Dagan Loisel

"Immune genetic diversity and infectious disease in wild Vermont bobcats"

Dr Clarissa Parker PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

"Genome-wide Association for Ethanol Sensitivity in the DO Mouse Population"

AnGayle Vasiliou

Chemistry and Biochemistry

"Thermal Decomposition of Biomass: Molecular Pathways for Sulfur Chemistry "

Dr Amy Welch

Environmental & Health Sciences

"Comparing behavioral strategies for reducing stress in adults"

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