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INBRE Faculty Project Awards Awardees from INBRE 9 (2013-2014)

Dr Megan Doczi

Biology And Physical Education

"Developmental Regulation of Kv1.3 Channels in Neurons of the Avian Hypothalamus"

Dr Elizabeth Dolci PhD

Professor of Biology

Department of Environmental & Health Science

"Microbial Community Structure of the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine"

Kevin Fleming PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

"Vigilance, Threat Assessment and Resilience in Commissioning Military Officers"

Karen Hinkle PhD

Associate Dean

College of Science and Mathematics

"Functional Investigation of Novel Phosphotyrosines in the Src Family Kinase Fyn"

Dr Ari Kirshenbaum PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

"Motivational Deficits Induced by Nicotine Withdrawal"

Dr Shane Lamos PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry & Physics

"Mixed Isotope Labeling Approaches for Metabolomics and Proteomics"

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