Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty

VGN Funded Research

INBRE Faculty Pilot Project Award Awardees from INBRE 7 (2011-2012)

Dr Deborah Alongi PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Natural Sciences

"Adaptation and Plasticity in Carbohydrate Metabolism in Arabidopsis"

Jason Arndt PhD

Department of Psychology

"Exploring the neural bases of false memories for encoding context"

Dr Ian Balcom PhD

Dept of Natural Sciences

"Evaluation of biofuel feedstock crops for phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil"

Dr Carole Bandy PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

"Vigilance and Threat in Military Veterans and Cadets"

Dr Elizabeth Dolci PhD

Professor of Biology

Department of Environmental & Health Science

"Microbial Analysis of Aquatic Communities within the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine"

Alan Giese PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Natural Sciences

"Ecology and Winter Survival of Ticks in Vermont"

Dr Vance Jackson PhD

Department of Psychology

"Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence Scale Development"

Darlene Olsen PhD

Department of Mathematics

"Modeling Long Time-Series Gene Expression Data with the KZ Algorithm"

Jennifer Sellers PhD

Department of Psychology

"Increased stress response when self-concept & physiology are in discord"

Melissa Tomasulo PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

"Stress-induced physiological reactivity among daily and intermittent smokers"

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