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Proteomics Impact

Since 2016, the Proteomics Core significantly impacted research within Vermont and neighboring states. The Core’s users have grown from 38 in 2006 to over 150 in 2019. 

The Core: 

  • Supported 41 grants that involve heavy use of the proteomics Coreover the past three years (a total of 55 since 2006)
  • Received co-authorship or acknowledgement in 64 publications since 2015 [a total of 155 since 2006, including 6 from Dartmouth, 1 from Jackson Laboratory, 2 from Hawaii, 1 from Mississippi, 122 from UVM and8 from Vermont Primarily Undergraduate institutions (PUI)].  
  • Received samples from 15 States over the past three years, including 7 IDEA States (HI, ME, ND, NH, PR, MS, VT), in addition to international collaborations (e.g., IIB-INTECH, Argentina).  
  • Collaborated with eight investigators from our PUI in Vermont. 

We have fostered a robust culture of research in Vermont. The Core participated in the education (lectures and hands-on data analysis) of over 300 undergraduates at the University of Vermont and through a two-month proteomics module at our Vermont PUI, in addition to supporting a class from SUNY Plattsburg.

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