Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty

VGN Personnel

VGN Personnel

VGN Director
Dr. Rex Forehand

Program Coordinator
Dr. Elizabeth Dolci

Director, Professional Development & Education Core
Dr. Tabitha Finch
(802) 656-0028

Director, Bioinformatics Core
Dr. Fan Zhang
(802) 656-9798

Director, Proteomics Facility
Dr. Ying-Wai Lam
(802) 656-4709

External Advisory Committee Members (EAC)

Core Facility Personnel

Heather Driscoll
Bioinformatics Core
(802) 485-2602

Dr. Bin Deng
Proteomics Facility
(802) 656- 5099

VGN Staff

Marianne Baggs
Program Assistant
(802) 656-9119

Nathan Herzog
Project IT Coordinator
(802) 656-8612

Contact Information:

Vermont Genetics Network
University of Vermont
120A Marsh Life Science Building
Burlington, VT 05405-0086
(802) 656-9119
(802) 656-2914 - FAX

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