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Proteomics Outreach

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Proteomics Outreach

The Proteomics Outreach Project of the Vermont Genetics Network was made possible through a grant to the VGN funded by the NIH / NIGMS and by a grant to Dr. Bryan Ballif funded by the NSF. The team developed a hands-on proteomics laboratory module, which was beta tested at UVM in the Spring of 2009, to take to undergraduate schools in Vermont. We completed our first outreach deliveries in the 2009/2010 academic year to Saint Michael's College in the Fall and  Johnson State College in the Spring. The module was then taught at Green Mountain College and Norwich University in the fall of 2010. It was integrated into the curriculum at Saint Michael's College in 2011 and in now taught each spring semester. Green Mountain College and Norwich University have also integrated this module and currently teach it every two years.

Team Members:

From left to right; Ying-Wai Lam, Tabitha Finch, Kara Pivarski, and Bryan Ballif


The goal of VGN Proteomics Outreach is to expose undergraduates in Vermont to proteomics technology using hands-on laboratory experiences. In the first delivery, we provide all teaching materials, laboratory materials and equipment for colleges within the state to run the module. The undergraduate students learn about this cutting edge technology and gain new skills that will help them with their future scientific careers.


In this module, students will learn how protein expression in yeast is changed after exposure to oxidative stress or an environmental toxin. Total protein is then harvested and prepared for 2D gel analysis. Proteins with differential expression will be isolated from the 2D gel and prepared for Mass Spectrometry at the UVM Proteomics Core Facility. Once the data is processed, students examine their results and use bioinformatics tools to further understand the biological implications of the results.


Laboratory Manual

Proteomics Manual

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Appendix Material

General Biology Review for DNA and RNA as well as gene and protein structure.

MSDS documents Click Here


Veal et. al.

D'Autreaux and Tolendano

Godon et. al.


Shenton and Grant

Shenton et al.

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