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Ying Wai Lam

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Dr. Ying Wai Lam

Director, Proteomics Facility
(802) 656-4709
337 Marsh Life Science Bldg
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405




Dr. Lam has extensive experience in applying mass spectrometry (MS) - based proteomics technologies to address a diverse range of research questions at the interface of biochemistry, cell biology and analytical chemistry.  Dr. Lam focused on the isolation and characterization of plant defense proteins in his PhD study, and started earning substantial proteomics experience during his postdoctoral training, especially on cancer biomarker discovery using MS techniques.  Prior to joining UVM, Dr. Lam was a research assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, where he studied prostate aging and oxidative/nitrosative stress-induced protein modifications using stable isotope tagging and MS sequencing, and was involved in a number of collaborative projects, including identification and structural elucidation of metabolites using liquid chromatography-high resolution accurate mass measurement (HR/AM) MS. 


The goals of the Proteomics Facility have always been to provide expertise and the latest proteomics technology to researchers and to establish an educational environment for sharing experience and knowledge in proteomics.  An array of MS-based proteomics techniques is now available to investigators for performing large-scale quantitative proteomics. Not only hundreds to a thousand of proteins or PTMs (e.g., phosphorylation, acetylation, nitrosylation) can be confidently identified by shotgun sequencing, changes in protein expression and PTM stoichiometry can also be accurately determined using stable isotope tagging (e.g. SILAC). 


Dr. Lam will continue to bring emerging proteomics technologies to the facility to meet the ongoing and future research needs: the facility personnel are currently establishing a number of enrichment, fractionation, and derivatization strategies for characterizing a variety of PTMs and will also be expanding capabilities to cover new frontiers, such as structural proteomics using cross-linking techniques and metabolite characterization.  

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