Accomplishments and discoveries from VGN students and faculty


Services Provided:

  • Experimental design consultation (jointly with Bioinformatics Group)
  • Assistance in RNA and DNA Extractions "LCM, Flow sorted, difficult tissues"
  • RNA and DNA Quality/Quantity assessment
    • Qubit Fluoromotetric quantitation of nucleic acids
  • DNA Mapping (SNP, LOH, CNV)
  • Expression profiling using 3', Exon and Gene Arrays
  • miRNA Arrays
  • Human and Mouse Transcriptome 2.0 Arrays
  • Hypothesis testing: gene or pathway-based
  • Support letters for grant applications; text for publication
  • Discounted pricing on many consumables and reagents through core facility negotiations

Contact Information:

Vermont Genetics Network
University of Vermont
120A Marsh Life Science Building
Burlington, VT 05405-0086
(802) 656-9119
(802) 656-2914 - FAX

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