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Microarray Core Policies:

Affymetrix GeneChip technology provides efficient access to genetic information using miniaturized, high-density arrays of oligonucleotide probes. The arrays are manufactured by Affymetrix's proprietary, light-directed chemical synthesis process, which combines solid-phase chemical synthesis with photolithographic fabrication techniques employed in the semiconductor industry. We encourage you to check our website prior to starting any new experiment. This will provide you with useful information and may answer some of your questions.

The Core is not responsible for lost or damaged chips left in our possession after your experiment is completed. If the Gene Chip array is found to be faulty at the time of hybridization and/or analysis, a new array will be provided by Affymetrix at no cost, but the core facility charges will still apply. It can take 4 weeks or more for Affymetrix to send a replacement chip.

Data will be posted to a secure Microarray server and a direct link will be emailed to the investigator.

RNA samples exhibiting a large degree of degradation will not be recommended for downstream processing.  Please note that, if you ask us to process such a sample we will NOT be responsible for poor results. A second analysis will NOT be done free of charge.

NEVER provide the facility with ALL of your stock RNA / DNA.

It is recommended to retain a small volume for future RNA studies and can be amplified if needed to pursue more studies with this sample.

Users assure that all RNA samples were obtained with appropriate animal research committee approval and human subjects IRB approval. Any samples obtained from cells infected with potential pathogens must be declared before submission.

The UVM Microarray Core Facility reserves the right to use all data from hybridizations performed in the facility for the purpose of assessing quality of data generated in the facility and for the development of quantification and analysis tools. The data will be used in a strictly anonymous.

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