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The UVM Microarray Core Facility was initiated by the Vermont Genetics Network and established in 2002 in collaboration with the Vermont Cancer Center and UVM College of Medicine. The facility utilizes the Affymetrix GeneChip system for microarray analysis, the NanoDrop spectrophotometer and Qubit for critical nucleic acid quantification, the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for DNA and RNA analysis, and the MP Biomedicals Fast Prep-24 for extracting RNA or DNA from difficult tissues or sample types. Services offered include: RNA extraction from difficult sample types, training for proper RNA handling and extraction, global gene expression profiling for eukaryotes and prokaryotes using the standard 3’ arrays, gene and exon arrays for human and mouse, DNA mapping (SNP) studies, and custom arrays. The facility staff has developed protocols for novel sample types including formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues for DNA mapping studies, high recovery isolation of nucleic acids from LCM and FACS sorted samples, and prokaryotic target preparation from limited quantity RNA samples. All microarray projects are reviewed using an integrated approach to experimental design, workflow, and sample collection in collaboration with the UVM Bioinformatics Core Facility to ensure high quality, statistically relevant results. The facility also sponsors user educational forums such as technology seminars, tutorials, general lectures, workshops, and an annual open house.

Microarray Brochure (Mission, Access Guidelines and Prices)

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