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Overview of Services

The VGN Microarray Facility was initiated by the Vermont Genetics Network and opened in November, 2002. The goal of the facility is to provide comprehensive support for gene expression profiling experiments and qualitative and quantitative quality control support services for nucleic acids The Microarray Core utilizes the Affymetrix GeneChip system for microarray analysis, the NanoDrop and Qubit for nucleic acid quantification, 2100 Bioanalyzer and 2200 TapeStation for nucleic acid qualitative analysis, and the MP Biomedicals Fast Prep-24 for extracting nucleic acids from difficult sample types. Services offered include: global gene expression profiling using the standard 3’ arrays, gene and exon arrays for human and mouse, and DNA mapping studies, Phylochips™, and profiling with the Human, Mouse, and Rat Transcriptome Array 2.0. The facility has implemented and now offers the new Clariom S (surface) and D (deep) genechips. The most frequently requested genechip type is the miRNA used for both identification and profiling of miR’s. All microarray projects are reviewed using an integrated approach to experimental design in collaboration with University Bioinformatic Core Facilities to ensure high quality, statistically relevant results. The facility sponsors technology seminars, tutorials, general lectures, workshops, and an annual open house. All interested researchers are encouraged to contact the Microarray Facility Director to discuss potential projects or to ask any question about the use of microarrays. The director can provide advice on experimental design, RNA isolation methods, and just about any aspect of array hybridization.


Tim Hunter

Core Director

(802) 656-2559

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Vermont Genetics Network
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