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VGN Style Guide

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VGN Color Schemes

Dark Green

Dark Green Text


Color blocks used in headers and footers. Any text used inside this color block is white. Text in this color is larger, heavier, and used for titles and topic headers.

Hexadecimal: #447548

RGB: (68, 117, 72)

CMYK: (75, 33, 84, 20)

Middle Green

Middle Green Text


Color blocks used in sub-headers. Any text used inside this color block is black. Text in this color is the same size as regular text and used for highlight and web links.

Hexadecimal: #8AB18D

RGB: (138, 177, 141)

CMYK: (49, 16, 53, 0)

VGN Fonts Used

Open Sans:

Used for titles, headers, and primary text

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Used for subtitles and sub-headers

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