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VGN Seminar: Manuscript Preparation

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Matthew D. Hogg, PhD Chief Editor
Green Mountain Editing Services 

Matthew D. Hogg, PhD, is the chief editor at Green Mountain Editing Services, a company that specializes in providing English language services for scientists and medical professionals. With an ever-growing global clientele, Dr. Hogg has worked on over a thousand manuscripts and grant applications in most every subject from anthropology to zoology. His background as a research scientist and his experience with a wide range of clients has given him insights into how to best prepare a manuscript to maximize its chances of being published. Dr. Hogg earned his PhD in molecular biology at the University of Vermont and has published several articles describing the structural and biochemical properties of DNA polymerases.

Seminar Details:

Saturday, March 12, 2016 Saint Michael’s College

Pomerleau Alumni Center

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