VGN Small Awards and Use of Facility Awards

The Small Awards are envisioned to cover supplies, small equipment, course release, student helpers, among other things with an open application date. Therefore, it is appropriate to make a policy about the use of the Small Award funds for freeing time, especially for writing. Likewise, there are awards for Use of Facilities that are not already provided by VGN. Both awards are up to $5k and require only a short proposal, budget and signatures. A report describing the outcomes of the awards is due within 1 month of the end of the grant year.

NOTE: If a Small Award is used for VGN faculty salary, the fringe and F&A costs will be paid by VGN in addition to the $5K award.

Procedures for Applying for VGN Small Awards

Use NIH forms where appropriate

  1. Cover sheet with the signature of the BPI Coordinator and Institutional official
  2. 1-2 page Research Plan and 1 page Budget with justification
    1. Include a Research Summary - clear concise statement of what the award will be used for.
    2. Research Plan with Specific Aim(s)
  3. Budget Information
    1. Budget sheet
    2. Budget justification
  4. NIH Biosketch
  5. IRB information if applicable
    1. IRB approval
    2. Human subjects protection
    3. Planned enrollment
    4. Human subjects education certification
  6. IACUC information if applicable
    1. IACUC approval
    2. Vertebrate animal 5 points

All Small Awards Must Be Submitted To VGN By Your BPI Coordinator. If awarded, a report on the outcomes of the use of funds will be due within 1 month of the end of the VGN grant year.

Specifically for Small Awards for release time:

BPI faculty member applies to VGN for one or two small awards up to $5k each for the purpose of release from one or two courses. (If two awards are made, the faculty member should receive release time for two courses.) Any additional funds needed for the releases would come from the BPI and the faculty member’s pilot award should not be expected to cover these additional funds.

(Note that we are not asking the BPI for a specific amount of funding, just the release. The VGN Director would help to broker this arrangement with the BPI on behalf of the faculty member if needed.)

A coversheet and continuation pages are provided in the attachment. Also included are the budget sheet template, a sample NIH biosketch with instructions, and the biosketch template.