Submission of Alzheimer's Disease and its related Dementias

Dear IDeA PIs,


Because of the activity code of the parent grants, P20, P30, S06 or U54, you have to use PHS 398 Application Guide to prepare your application for Alzheimer's Disease and its related Dementias (AD/ADRD)-focused Administrative supplements for NIH grants that are not focused on Alzheimer's disease and e-mail the application as a pdf file to me, your Program Officer, Dr. Janna Wehrle who is NIGMS Lead on AD/ADRD Supplements and NIGMS Grants Management Specialist, Ms. Christy Leake.

Dr. Wehrle and Ms. Leake cc’d in this message.  

You cannot use ASSIST or to prepare and submit your application, because there are no forms for P20, P30, S06 and U54 IDeA awards available in ASSIST or to submit applications for Administrative Supplements.

Please follow “Instructions for Paper-based Submissions using the PHS 398 Application Forms” of PA-18-591: Applications must be prepared using the PHS 398 research grant application forms and instructions for preparing a research grant application, with the following additional guidance:

  1. PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information: This form is optional. Given that the proposed supplement should not change the scope of the awarded parent project, it will typically not be needed. If new recruitment or use of an additional existing dataset or resource is proposed in the supplement application, Section 2.4 should be revised and new Inclusion Enrollment Reports created, as appropriate.
  2. If applicable, attach documentation in the Appendix section indicating that the proposed research experience was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or human subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the grantee institution.
  3. Budget for Entire Proposed Project Period (Form Page 5): A proposed budget should be submitted using the PHS 398 budget forms and should only include funds requested for the additional supplement activities.
  4. Sr/Key Personnel section (Form Page 2): List the PD/PI as the first person (regardless of their role on the supplement activities). List any other Senior/Key Personnel who are being added through this supplement, or for whom additional funds are being requested through this supplement; include a biographical sketch for each.
  5. Project/Performance Sites section (Form Page 2): Include the primary site where the proposed supplement activities will be performed. If a portion of the proposed supplement activities will be performed at any other site(s), identify the locations in the fields provided.
  6. Research Plan: At a minimum, the Research Strategy section should be completed and must include a summary or abstract of the funded parent award or project. Other sections should also be included if they are being changed by the proposed supplement activities.
  7. Face Page (Form Page 1): On the face page of the application form, note that your application is in response to a specific program announcement, and enter the title and number of this announcement.
  8. Checklist: Select "Revision" in the "Type of Application" field.

The grantee institution, on behalf of the PD/PI of the parent award, must submit the request for supplemental funds directly to the awarding component that supports the parent award.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Best regards,




Irina N. Krasnova, Ph.D.

Program Director

Division for Research Capacity Building

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

National Institutes of Health