NIH R15/AREA Grant Video Now Online

We have just posted the video from our October video briefing on the 8 Ways to Navigate NIH Peer Review and Get an R15/AREA Grant:

I have inserted below answers to questions we didn’t manage to answer during our live Q&A session.

If you have any questions about the video briefing, please let us know.

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NIH Center for Scientific Review


Responses to Questions We Didn’t Answer

CSR Online Briefing

8 Ways to Navigate NIH Peer Review and Get and R15 Grant


What is the success rate (granted application/total number of applications) for R15?

Overall, it's about 17%.  


How important is prior experience of the PI with involving undergraduates in research to getting funded?

Reviewers will want to see that the PI has some experience.   And the more experience they have  training scientists, the more likely reviewers will be convinced that they can continue to do that in the future.


Are the eligibility requirements for R15s changing with the new PA coming out?

We can’t answer this question until the PA is finalized and published in December. So stay tuned.


Can I submit names that I would like to be excluded for reviewing?

You may not do this. However, you may note if someone has what NIH regards as a conflict of interest, which would disqualify them from reviewing your grant application.  Being a competitor with whom you disagree does not necessarily represent a valid conflict of interest (But it would for small business applications).  On the other hand, someone who has publicly demonstrated animosity towards you could be in conflict.  If you are worried that we have the right expertise for your application, you can use the Assignment Request Form to list areas of expertise needed to review your grant application.  


I am working on an R15 application with a colleague, and we are both early career researchers at different institutions and did one project together that we are currently finishing up. Besides this one project, we have not collaborated together. I was wondering how this will look on an application, since by the time we plan to submit, June 2018, we will likely have one, maybe two publications together?

Sharing a publication would be good.  But you would want to talk to a program officer, because the answer to your question is going to be field dependent in some ways.


I am a recipient of two R15 grants, and I have contacted my SRO on more than one instance to request serving as a reviewer on an R15 panel. I've not received any response. How should I proceed?

Guidance is provided on our Become a Reviewer Web page.  The best option would be to send an email to and explain your situation.  


Can Doctors of Audiology (Au.Ds.) submit an R15?   

Yes.  R15s do not require PD/PI to have a particular degree.