IDeA Sponsored Workshop on Proteomics

You are invited to an NIH Sponsored Workshop on Targeted Quantitative Proteomics



Two dates still available: July 18-20, 2017 or August 1-3, 2017


Goal: to help workshop attendees understand these methods and incorporate this powerful tool into their own research projects using either their local mass spectrometry resource or the IDeA National Proteomics Resource. Fifteen attendees will be supported for each workshop. 

Workshops will be tailored to include people with moderate to limited to no mass spectrometry experience.   Attendees will receive lecture-style presentations on topics such as fundamental principles of proteomics, experimental design for proteomics experiments, sample preparation, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation.  Laboratory demonstrations of the practical sides of sample preparation and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods will also be used. 

All travel, lodging, and meals paid for the participants.

The workshops are supported by supplements from the NIH to the Oklahoma INBRE (P20GM103447-17S1) and Arkansas INBRE (P20GM103429-15S1). 

Application deadline: is July 7, 2017.  Completed applications required.


For more information, contact 

Mike Kinter ( or Cecilia H. Nguyen, Coordinator (