Extramural Grant Applications from VGN Funded Faculty

Faculty who are in their first year of VGN funding must submit a draft of an R15 application that has been reviewed by their research advisor to VGN by June 1st .

Those faculty who are in their second or more years of funding must submit an extramural grant application by June 1 each year. These grants can be submitted to federal agencies (NIH, NSF, etc) or other granting agencies including foundations. 

The submission of an NSF pre-proposal does not meet the requirement for an extramural grant submission as these are usually 4 pages or less and they do not provide adequate reviewer feedback.

In order to build a funding history it is important to be a PI or a Co-PI on collaborative grant applications. A collaborative proposal with an adequate sub-award for continued research at the home BPI meets the VGN grant submission requirement. The PI can be from a BPI or other institution.

The amount of extramural funding applied for from a federal agency or foundation should be adequate to sustain continued research without continued VGN funding.

The June 1st deadline for subsequent years corresponds well to the NIH-R15 date of June 25th.  However, for other funding agencies it will be important to complete the submission before June. The due dates vary and will require some attention to be compliant with VGN funding requirements.

NIH - R15

Standard application deadlines
February 25, June 25, and October 25


Deadlines differ by area of research – communicate with Program Officer to get more information.  It would be best to do this within your first year of funding to help plan timing for subsequent applications.

Foundations and other sources of funding 

The VGN Grants Administrator can help to identify other potential funding sources. Keep an eye on applications deadlines.