Applied Bioinformatics Course (July 15-20, 2017)


The Applied Bioinformatics Course 2017 will be held on July 15-20, 2017 at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Applied Bioinformatics is a hands-on course for advanced graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, and researchers at all levels interested in incorporating bioinformatics into their research. 

The goal of the Applied Bioinformatics Course is to provide hands-on training on major bioinformatics resources through the analysis of a RNA-Seq data set to find differentially expressed genes and investigate previously described functions of those genes and the pathways in which they are involved.

Topics include web-based gene and protein resources, genome browsers, pathways and gene set enrichment analyses, and RNA-Seq data analysis. RNA-Seq data analysis will be conducted using CLC Genomics Workbench, the web-based Galaxy system, R statistical computing environment and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis. The course will feature several modules that will have examples to demonstrate how to apply the major tools or resources featured in the module. Participants should have a strong background in molecular biology. Prior computer programming skills are not required, but participants need to have a strong interest in learning some programming concepts.

More information on the course, and the site for registration can be found at

 For more information please contact Bruce Stanton ( Co-Director) or Ben King( Co-Director).