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VGN Science Advisor and VGN Faculty Member Obligations

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Science Advisor and VGN Faculty Member Obligations 2017

Vermont Genetics Network (VGN) enhances the research programs of faculty in order to foster the culture of research at colleges in Vermont. Advising and individual development plans are critical parts of our efforts. We greatly appreciate the work of our Science Advisors as they work with our faculty to ensure that their research plans and career development move forward. We have created this document so that the advisors and faculty members know what they can expect from each other.

VGN science advisors agree to:

  • Communicate at least once per quarter with the faculty member they are advising
  • Send reports describing your interaction with the faculty member (Mentor Evaluation Form), to VGN three times per year (September 1, February 1 and May 1)
  • Discuss research aims and progress with the faculty member. Create a timeline for the faculty member to publish and submit grant applications, perhaps through an Individual Development Plan. Please update the time line annually
  • Read manuscripts and grant proposals (for which VGN will compensate you)
  • Know the career goals of the faculty member and give advice relative to these goals
  • Read manuscripts and grant proposals (for which VGN will compensate you)
  • If possible, attend the VGN retreat to hear the faculty member present research progress, compensation for attendance will be provided
  • Acknowledge to VGN each year the willingness to continue as an advisor and understanding of these obligations

VGN funded faculty members agree to:

  • Be proactive in initiating contact with the science advisor
  • Meet in person or by video conferencing with the advisor at least once per quarter
  • Send manuscripts and grant proposal drafts to the advisor for review before submission
  • Make a timeline for publishing and submitting grant applications and update this plan once per year
  • A faculty member progress report describing your interactions with your advisor and your research progress, is due to VGN on September 1
  • Work with the advisor on career goals, presentation skills and other aspects as appropriate

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