Mission of the Facility:


The VGN Proteomics Facility at the University of Vermont is a core facility funded by the Vermont Genetics Network and UVM to serve the Lead Institution and research throughout the state as part of the IDeA Program mission of building research infrastructure. The facility provides a central resource of mass spectrometry-based proteomics technologies to identify, characterize and quantify target proteins in various biological and biomedical samples. The goals of the facility are to provide expertise and the latest proteomics technology to researchers at different institutions within and outside Vermont and to establish a highly efficient research and educational environment for sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge of proteomics application in biological, biomedical, and clinically relevant studies. 


Facility Description:


The UVM/VGN Proteomics Facility is located in Marsh Life Science Building (MLS, Room 333-337) and is directed by Dr. Ying Wai Lam and managed by Dr. Bin Deng and technician Julia Fields. An array of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based techniques is available to investigators who are performing proteomics experiments, ranging from routine protein identification, post-translational modification (PTM) characterization, to large-scale quantitative proteomics using stable isotopes. Since its inception in 2006, the facility has analyzed over 10,000 samples and helped investigators publish their findings in more than 50 peer reviewed publications. The proteomics facility is equipped with analytical HPLC systems, electrophoresis systems, Sutter P-2000 laser puller, Savant SpeedVac concentrator, and three mass spectrometers:


  • Two Thermo-Finnigan LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometers, allowing mass separation by a linear ion trap (m/z = 50-2000 mass range), with electrospray ionization (ESI) and nanospray-ESI interfaces for liquid sample introduction. The mass spectrometers are each coupled to either a Shimadzu Prominence or a Thermo Surveyor HPLC system.
  • One LTQ Orbitrap Discovery mass spectrometer which can perform accurate mass measurements (~ 1-3 ppm with lock mass function activated) at high resolution (30,000 FWHM at m/z 400). The LTQ-Orbitrap is coupled to a Thermo Surveyor HPLC system.


The Facility has a Data Processing Center (MLS, Room 333) dedicated to proteomics data analysis. The proteomics facility works closely with the Vermont Genetics Network bioinformatics core to provide “tailored” bioinformatic solutions to investigators. The facility trains investigators in experimental design and proteomics methods, as well as provides assistance in data interpretation, manuscript preparation and grant submission.


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Please double check with your PI before submitting samples.

Our facility is supported by NIH-funded Vermont Genetics Network (P20GM103449). Investigators who use our services are therefore required to cite our facility and grant number in their further publications that use the data we provide (  Samples will not be accepted if investigators do not agree to do so.  If you have cited our facility and grant number in published papers, please notify us. 


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