The Vermont Genetics Network provides funding for the following:

  • Faculty Project Grants at the Baccalaureate Partner Institutions
  • Faculty Pilot Project Grants at the Baccalaureate Partner Institutions
  • Undergraduate Summer or Fall Research at the Baccalaureate Partner Institutions

    Requests for Proposals are generally announced in the late Fall. At that time, our online application process will be available. However, we have occasional requests for proposals at other times of the year. Please check the website periodically for updates or sign up on ERIS for email notifications.

    Faculty members who are full-time tenure track at one our BPI Institutions are eligible though priority will be given to early career faculty.

    There are currently no calls for proposals available.

    Please check again soon.

    Review of Applications Process:

    The review of project and pilot applications begins with the assignment of the application to at least two and preferably three outside reviewers.  Each reviewer receives your application in electronic form (or paper if preferred).  The reviewers are given the RFP and criteria for review that are used by NIH and are also on the RFP.  We ask that the reviewers provide a score and write a short response to each of the criteria as well as an overall score.  As with NIH reviews, when the reviewer has completed the assignment and submitted reviews on line, the reviewer can then see the critiques of others who have the same application assignments. Reviewers are compensated for this work.  This is a confidential process and the reviewers are asked not to share any insights into their reviews or even which applications they reviewed, just as at NIH.  We do not share the list of reviewers because the pool of reviewers is not as large as at NIH.  We ask the BPI Coordinators for help in identifying qualified reviewers.

    The reviews and scores are compiled, the VGN PI and PC read the reviews and analyze the results.  The pay line is determined by the amount of funding that is available for projects and pilots that year.  Other meta data are considered when making the final decisions about funding.  These include compliance with VGN requirements for funding, advisors' reports and the critiques of proposals submitted to federal agencies.

    Our goal is to fund as many projects and pilots as possible given the funds available, but fund only meritorious applications. 

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